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Fauré: String Quartet in E minor
Franck: String Quartet in D major

'The Dante Quartet imparts with two masterpieces, written by Franck and Fauré at the ends of their lives, a poignant fervour that these pieces have not enjoyed for a long time.' Diapason, France

'One feels the four musicians are participants on a turbulent voyage through the organised wilderness of Franck’s score, making musical observations inspired by their surroundings. This makes for an electrifying performance.' Musical Criticism

'It is a measure of the outstanding quality of the Dante Quartet that both works [Franck and Fauré quartets] are projected as vividly and immediately as they are. There’s such a passionate involvement about their playing, such belief in the music’s outstanding qualities, which not only makes light of the structural challenges of the Franck, but treats the rarified world of the Fauré as if it were the most naturally expressive thing imaginable.' The Guardian

'The Dante is one of those rare quartets where you can sense the personalities of the individual players as much as appreciate the common bond that ties their interpretations together. This latest disc of Franck and Fauré marks the beginning of a new relationship with Hyperion, which could not have begun on a better note.' Daily Telegraph

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